This page contains the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding CORE as an organization. The questions listed here are generic. See also the FAQ for domain name holders and the Registry FAQ.

Does CORE offer registration services to end-users

No. CORE is an association of registrars and provides services to registrars or registries who in turn have registrars. The registrars provide registration services to end-users.

What is CORE?

CORE is an international not-for-profit association of registrars constituted under Swiss Law.

CORE's members are professional registrars from various areas (Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific) who handle domain name registration on behalf of customers.

CORE provides technical services for the operation of TLDs. It currently acts as technical Registry Operator for two Sponsored TLDs, .cat and .museum. In the context of the new gTLD process, it is working on a series of new TLD projects.

Services provided by CORE

CORE integrates a broad range of consulting and technical services dedicated to businesses in the Registrar and Registry industry.

Registrar Registration Channel

CORE offers to its members a complete range of domain name registration services. All the members of CORE have access to various gTLD Registries via the communication method of their choice.

Registrar Advisory Services

CORE provides advisory and support services to members for technical, governance and administrative tasks related to domain registrations. CORE also provides assistance to members seeking an direct accreditation with ICANN or with ccTLD registries.

How does an organization become a member of CORE?

CORE is an open association that encourages registrar diversity. The requirements and criteria for acceptance are described on joiningCORE.htm. Over time, CORE's membership criteria have been updated in line with the evolution of the domain name environment.

How do I register a domain via CORE?

CORE does not offer any domain registrations directly to end-users. All registration activity takes place through CORE members who also provide additional services and customer support.

Customers are free to chose their CORE member (irrespective of their country of residence) and to transfer their domain names between CORE members or to other registrars.

CORE members compete with other, set their own pricing policies, and develop their own value-added services. Many CORE members work with business partners or value-added resellers.

Registration fees are paid to the respective CORE member, not to CORE. The CORE Secretariat has a coordinating function for the CORE Association and does not interact directly with registrants.