Nominet UK - Announcement (2009-08-26)

Member forum

On Monday 7 September we will be launching the Nominet Member Forum. The
forum will be replacing our nom-steer mailing list.

The forum operates as a standard web based forum, but we have also added
an email function. This enables users who prefer an email discussion list
to use the system. Email users can opt to receive forum posts by email and
can respond and start new threads using email. Instructions on how to set
up email functions are given in the forum FAQ.

The forum will not be moderated, however we do reserve the right to remove
posts that are in breach of the forum rules. All users are required to
agree to the terms of use when they log into the forum for the first time.

Instructions on how to sign up for the forum and the forum rules are
available on our web site.

If you have any comments about the forum, nom-steer or the forum rules
please email

Nameserver data

On Sunday 8 November 2009 we will take our registration systems offline to
update the nameserver model used within the registry database. Our new
nameserver model will only hold a single copy of each nameserver. This
will remove duplicated nameserver data and will improve the responsiveness
of our systems.

We are giving 3 months notice about this change because it will affect the
registration process used by all of our registration systems and it may be
necessary for you to change some of your processes to fit in with the new
data structure.

These changes are fully documented and are available on our web site.