The CORE Association

CORE is a not-for-profit membership association of Internet domain name registrars and registries. Its purpose is to operate, on a cost-recovery basis, a shared registration system (SRS) for Internet domain names.

CORE was created in 1997 based on the Generic Top-Level Domains Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to launch new names spaces. Since inception, CORE has been active in the development of protocols and methodologies to facilitate access to domain registrations, including a multi-protocol Shared Registration System (SRS) and registration gateway.

Who are CORE members?

CORE's members are registrars who register and maintain domains on behalf of their customers through CORE SRS and gateways. To register domains and to get value added services, please check the list of members offering registration services.

What are the advantages of a CORE Membership

  • CORE is an ICANN accredited Registrar offering registration services through tis members. The TLDs available via CORE's channel services include most generic top-level domain and a growing list of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs).
  • CORE is not-for-profit association where the membership is the ultimate basis for the governance of all activities. All members have the same rights and obligations, the same contractual terms, access to the same pricing and the same weight in voting.
  • In addition to access to TLDs via CORE's accreditation, CORE offers the Agent-Mode interface. This allows Registries, Registrars, ISP, Resellers to use their own ICANN or registry accreditations with CORE as a technical Back End.
  • CORE offers a unified registrar channel interface for member registrars. The same protocol can be used for all TLDs.

TLD Registries

CORE provides Registry Services for for TLDs. CORE has supported the introduction of new TLDs since its inception in 1997. CORE currently provides technical back-end services for two TLDs, .cat and .museum.

CORE works on a range of new TLD projects.