.CN promotion coming soon ! (2008-07-15)

Today, businesses everywhere have an unprecedented opportunity to gain entry into the Chinese marketplace.

.CN, the official Chinese Internet address, is promoting first year registrations at a very low cost indeed.

Please contact your CORE member for further details about this program.

Who Can Buy .CN?

The relaxing of restrictions on the .CN domain will enable businesses and organizations worldwide to purchase .CN names and gain a foothold in the rapidly modernizing Chinese marketplace.

Why .CN, and Why Now?

China has taken great strides toward economic accessibility—and many people regard China as the next frontier of e-commerce. Its online population now exceeds 56 million people, and China is the newest member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). That’s why now is such an ideal time for Web-savvy businesses to claim their .CN names!

When you register .CN names for your company or organization at , you’ll be protecting your brand identity in a highly anticipated domain—and gain exposure as a truly international business entity!