SportAccord to apply for the .sport new generic top-level domain (2012-01-10)

The following press-release has been issued by SportAccord today:

Lausanne, 10 January 2012. As part of the ICANN proposed expansion of the new generic top-level domain space, SportAccord, on behalf of the global sport community is proud to announce its decision to apply for the .sport top-level domain with CORE Internet Council of Registrars (“CORE”) serving as the primary provider.

Based on a mandate taken from its members (90 International Sports Federations and 15 sports organisations) and with the support from the IOC (International Olympic Committee), ASOIF (Association of Summer Olympic International Federations) and AIOWF (Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations), SportAccord has identified the best possible partner to provide the technical and administrative platform for the registry operation with the ultimate objective to protect the Sports values and the interests of the Sports Movement and sports stakeholders.

Thanks to the partnership with CORE, the .sport top-level domain will be operated in a manner consistent with the business of Sport, with a strong focus on protecting trademarks and the interests of sports stakeholders, via a community-based TLD.

Consistent with its role as the umbrella organization for Olympic and non-Olympic sports as well as organizers of sports events, SportAccord will be the Registry Operator of the .sport top-level domain, working in consultation with all community stakeholders.

SportAccord has already started the process of setting up a Governing body for .sport so as to achieve effective community-based policy development. The Governing Council will be composed of representatives of Sport governing authorities (International Federations and IOC representatives) and Sport community representatives for athletes, sponsors, amateurs, fans and youth.
As a consequence, the .sport top-level domain will truly be led by the Sports world and will be developed around the values, culture and principles of Sport.

As a community-based top-level domain, .sport will serve and remain accountable to the Sport Community. The Sport Community includes all practitioners of sport, from learners to world-class athletes, the organizers of sport as well as their supporters and viewers.

“We are extremely happy to appoint CORE to apply and operate the future .sport domain name” says Vincent Gaillard, Director General of SportAccord, “we were looking for a partner that fully understands and endorses the values, culture and principles of Sport, and we are convinced that with CORE, we have found exactly the right partner”.

“It is a privilege to be able to contribute to a TLD led by the Sport Community.” says Amadeu Abril i Abril, Chief Policy Adviser at CORE. “The purpose of the CORE Association has always been to create TLDs in the public trust. The community-based focus of the .sport TLD is the best way to maximize its value for the cause of Sport while avoiding negative externalities”

About CORE

CORE is a not-for-profit membership association of Internet domain name registrars and registries. Its purpose is to operate, on a cost-recovery basis, a shared registration system (SRS) for Internet domain names.
CORE operates a distributed infrastructure based on software developed and owned by CORE, operated by multiple, redundant technical teams. CORE owns and continuously develops a well-adapted technical and administrative platform, particularly suited for the community-based focus.

About SportAccord

SportAccord is the umbrella organisation for 105 international sports federations and organisations. Its mission is to support and to protect the common interests of the sports movement. Activities include the organisation of multi-sports games (SportAccord World Combat Games, World Beach Games, World Artistic Games, World Mind Games); doping-free sport; sports’ social/environmental responsibility and sports’ integrity; International Federations recognition processes; the online video portal The Sports Hub as well as several other strategic initiatives, all developed and implemented on behalf, and to the benefit, of SportAccord’s members.
For more information, contact :
Pierre Germeau, Digital Media Manager

+ 41 21 612 30 70