.travel now available (2008-07-15)

Eligibility for this domain name is subject to a sponsor, a third-party organisation which intervenes between the registrar and the registry, in order to certify that you do in fact correspond to the sector of activity referred to by the extension.

For the .travel which is reserved to the tourist industry, there are several organisations which authenticate you and provide a UIN enabling you to register and manage your domain names in .travel. These international or regional organisations correspond more or less to the 18 sectors acknowledged as eligible for obtaining a .travel.

20 recognised sectors of the tourist industry

  1. Airlines
  2. Attractions/Theme Parks
  3. Bed & Breakfast Houses
  4. Bus/Taxi/Limousine Operators
  5. Camp Facility Operators
  6. Vehicle Rental Companies/Airport Specialty Car Park Companies
  7. Computer Reservation/Travel Technology Provider
  8. Convention & Visitor's Bureaus
  9. Cruise Lines
  10. Ferries
  11. Hotels/Resorts/Casinos
  12. National Tourism Offices
  13. Passenger Rail Lines
  14. Restaurants
  15. Tour Operators
  16. Travel Agents
  17. Travel Media
  18. Travel Consumer and Market Research Organizations
  19. Travel Insurance
  20. Travel Training Institutes

Why Register a .travel Domain Name

The registration of a .travel domain name provides the following benefits.

* Since .travel domain names are authenticated, they provide an enhanced level of trust for the consumer. The customer knows that your company has been validated as a legitimate supplier in the travel and tourism industry.

* As the holder of an authenticated .travel domain name, you will be part of an exclusive sales and marketing channel. The profile of your company and its products will be maintained in a robust and secure database, and through this profile, you will be promoted to users when they utilize the new search.travel and directory.travel Web based search utilities. Your .travel domain name will get preferred placement in search results strictly as an entitlement to registering and deploying your dot-travel URL, without added costs.

* Over 28% of on-line transactions are travel related, and over 200,000,000 searches a month are performed specifically for travel related services and products. Your domain name is an asset that should be owned by you as a channel for the message that you want to deliver to the traveling public.