Registry FAQ

What is a TLD Registry?

A TLD registry comprises the organization and the technical resources required to create, manage and track the domain names ending in that TLD. The registry applies the registration policy, records the domain names and key contact information associated with each domain. It updates the TLD servers so that the active domain names can be resolved through them to end user websites.

What services does CORE provide for TLD registries

CORE has been set up to run TLD registries. For new TLDs, it can either act as a TLD registry technical operator and the contractual party for the individual domain registration and/or registrar agreements, or it can act as the technical operator on behalf of a registry that will itself act as contract party for registration and/or registrar agreements.

What is a TLD Sponsoring Organization

The expression "sponsoring organization" refers to the organization that assumes the ultimate responsibility for a given TLD. It usually means that it will be the contract party to registrars who in turn are contract parties individual domain holders. The sponsoring organization can either act itself as a registry operator or outsource the technical registry operation to a specialized organization (such as CORE).