Brief update from IETF-73 in Minneapolis (2009-08-14)

On Monday, Lisa Dusseault ; gave an overview of "Recent evolution in RESTful Web Protocol design". Then Lisa also did an intro or "why" for the OAuth BOF.

Next was IDNAbis, and as important as this is, and as well attended as the meeting was (like 100 people, of whom 10 spoke) the meeting time was the canonical draft-status-draft-status-draft-status form.

Tuesday started with IDNAbis, and John Klensin presented the ASIWG proposal for digits. Should there be any rule regarding the presence of digits of these three types, "latin" (U+0030..U+0039), "arabic-indic" (U+0660..U+0669) and "eastern arabic indic" (U+06F0..U+06F9) within a label?

Then, there was a IPv6Ops discussion and after the DNSEXT meeting. Every hack post-Kaminsky was discussed and discarded.

Wednesday there was DNSOP, and the Mozilla registry came up again. There is a cookie spec and all this is actutally related to registries and new gTLDs (well, actually, delegation points). See the "public suffix list" thread.