ICANN to accept launch of new gTLD in June? (2011-04-11)

Maybe, ICANN is accepting the launch of new gTLDs on June 20 during the Singapore meeting. In San Francisco, the board resolved:

Whereas, the Board and Governmental Advisory Committee held a successful intersessional meeting in Brussels with the intention to identify areas of difference between the proposed implementation and the GAC's advice, and, where possible, reach agreement on those issues.
Whereas, the Board and GAC have conducted in-depth discussions during the San Francisco meeting to continue the good-faith effort to reach mutually acceptable solutions on the issues identified by the GAC in its Scorecard.
Whereas, the Board has reviewed and considered the comments made by constituency groups, stakeholder groups, and individuals in the broader community during the San Francisco meeting.
Whereas, ICANN Bylaws Article XI, Section 2.1j provides that "The advice of the Governmental Advisory Committee on public policy matters shall be duly taken into account, both in the formulation and adoption of policies. In the event that the ICANN Board determines to take an action that is not consistent with the Governmental Advisory Committee advice, it shall so inform the Committee and state the reasons why it decided not to follow that advice. The Governmental Advisory Committee and the ICANN Board will then try, in good faith and in a timely and efficient manner, to find a mutually acceptable solution."
Whereas, in its efforts to implement the Bylaws-mandated process, ICANN (i) developed preliminary briefing papers on each of the GAC topics identified in the GAC Communiqué from Cartagena; (ii) conducted informal calls between ICANN and GAC subject matter experts; (iii) participated in a nearly-three day meeting in Brussels with the GAC; (iv) reviewed the GAC scorecard and provided comprehensive Board notes on the scorecard.
Whereas, these inputs have been duly considered by the Board.
Resolved (2011.03.18.14), the Board thanks the GAC for the many hours of intense work preparing for and conducting the recent Board-GAC exchanges, and thanks for the community for its continuing support and cooperation.
Resolved (2011.03.18.15), the Board adopts a working timeline for completion of the Applicant Guidebook and launch of the New gTLD process as posted at http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/draft-timeline-new-gtlds-18mar11-en.pdf [PDF, 117 KB].
Resolved (2011.03.18.16), as set forth in the timetable, ICANN will target 15 April 2011 as the date for publication of a final response to the GAC Scorecard, along with Applicant Guidebook extracts showing changes.
Resolved (2011.03.18.17), the Board intends to complete the process set forth in the timeline in time for final approval of the New gTLD implementation program at an extraordinary meeting of the ICANN Board to be held on Monday, 20 June 2011, at the ICANN meetings in Singapore. (Note: the Board also intends to hold its usual meeting on Friday morning, 24 June 2011, to conclude the mid-year meeting.)
Rationale for Resolutions 2011.03.18.14 – 2011.03.18.17
The rationale discussed during the Board meeting will be posted in draft form with the Preliminary Report of this meeting, and will be posted as approved by the Board with minutes of this meeting.