CORE is a .se registrar (2010-08-04)

CORE Internet Council of Registrars is an accredited registrar for the Swedish top level domain, .se. Together with .SE, CORE Internet Council of Registrars is working for positive development of the Internet in Sweden for the benefit of users and society at large. Our common goal is satisfied domain holders, regardless of whether they are large organizations or private persons.

Here is the link to the Foundation´s terms and conditions : - English terms and conditions of registration

Services and prices for domain name registration at CORE Internet Council of Registrars.
CORE is an association of registrars and does not sell domains directly to end customers. To register a .se domain via CORE, please find a list of CORE registrars here Our CORE members can find the current price list in the member pages at

Information about handling of personal information
CORE Internet Council of Registrars handles personal information in a manner that is in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204) and .SE's integrity policy.

Hours of operation
CORE Internet Council of Registrars support department answers received questions Monday through Sunday, 24/7. You can either e-mail your questions to or call us at +41.229295744. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible. However, please note that CORE does not offer domain registration services directly to end-customers. All registrations are performed and maintained via CORE members.

If you need help to interact with a CORE member for the maintenance of your domain, you can use the resources on the secretariat page: .

Company information
CORE Internet Council of Registrars
CORE Association
WTC II, 29 route de Pré-Bois
CH - 1215 Geneva
Phone number: +41.229295744
Fax number: +41.229295745
E-mail address:
Org. number: CH-660-1941000-3
VAT number: CH 686 867